Our values


To always remain one step ahead.

To anticipate trends with a research and development centre that is attentive to customers and suppliers but also consumers.

To optimise our processes by analysing feedback from our technical and quality control teams.

To thus regularly improve and renew our products.


The foundation of a strong, enduring relationship

Our company requires trust for proper organisation and project management.

Trust is the foundation of our relationships with our associates, customers, suppliers and providers.



The driving force behind performance

Our passion drives us to meet all the requirements while preserving the expertise of the French bakery industry.

Passion has inspired and motivated our company’s employees for more than 50 years.


The guarantee of quality and service management

We hold every aspect of our business to high standards, and we all share this desire to surpass ourselves to offer the best to our customers.

We take pride in our standards, which serve as a marker of reliability for our customers.


A commitment to all

We are committed to acting with integrity and ethics in all situations.

We work together to achieve the goal of satisfying you.

We are committed not only to productivity but also to protect the environment. One way in which we express this commitment is by establishing innovative and smart socially responsible solutions.